What is a vegetarian cake? Hey! Do you know that there are also vegetarian-friendly desserts? Let’s discover what a vegan cake is! And find out the differences between vegetarian and non-vegetarian desserts. Click through to read it!
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As we all know, there are numerous categories of diets in the world. Some practices meat dietary, some eats with accordance to the food pyramid. The two most common diet in the world are omnivore and herbivore. The latter is also known as vegetarians whereby they do not take animal-related products. Their common diet is imitation meat made of soy, nuts etc .


Vegetarian: “A person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons.” – dictionary.com


But hey! Do you know that there are also vegetarian-friendly desserts? Let’s discover what a vegetarian cake is!

The difference between vegetarian and non-vegetarian desserts lies within the ingredients. While non-vegan desserts use sugar, milk and butter, vegan desserts use soy milk and vegetable oil (and a whole lot of other vegan-friendly ingredients), thus making the dessert vegetarian-friendly.

Also, while dairy-free cakes/desserts are less fattening too, there are not categorize as vegetarian-friendly desserts as they might contain eggs (and other animals produce ingredients) which vegetarians do not favour much. Instead, it will appeal mostly to people with lactose intolerant.

In actual fact, cakes such as chocolate cake that may sound fattening to most people, can actually be and feel healthy, with fewer calories, hence less guilt! The good thing is that the vegetarian cakes look also the same as the traditional cakes!

 Here are some how-to-vegan-cake (courtesy of WikiHow – Make A Cake Vegan)


1. Review the recipe.

– Pick up any guilty-loving-temptation dessert recipes and review it. Tick out the non-vegan friendly ingredients.


2. Find a good substitute.

– Check if you have any substitutes for the non-vegan ingredients. If you have none in your kitchen, it would be best to run to the grocery store.



– Omit the eggs out, and look for different, yet comparable vegan ingredients such as 2 tbsp. of flak seed mix with 3 tbsp of water. Other than that, banana, apple sauce, and even blended tofu makes a great replacement for eggs.



– Vegetarians understand that though milk and eggs are not meat, they both come from animals – cow and chicken. Aside from no eggs, cow and goat milk are also a big no-no when making your vegan delectable. The recommended milk to use, however, is either soy milk and almond milk.


5. Margarine, instead of butter

– While butter is nice to go as bread spread during breakfast, with sprinkles of sugar… In a vegan cake, though, margarine is preferable as they are made of vegetarian oil and fats.


6. Yes to brown sugar

– They say be as sweet as a sugar. But they forgot to mention how un-sweet brown sugar is. Brown sugar is raw, non-refined sugar while white sugar contained 4 calories per gram! Any calorie is still calories! Take note of this, while modifying the non-vegan recipe to a wonderful guilt-free vegan cake.


7. Flour-ducation

– Normal bakers use flour as their daily ingredients. But a vegan baker exchanges the normal white flour with non-refined flour made with barley, brown rice, potato, and Kamut. Basically, white flour contains glucose which is hard for the body to break down, and glucose that is not turned into energy will remain in your body to become fat. Meanwhile, unrefined flour forces the body to use its own reserves of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in order to properly break it down and metabolize it. (More info here : The Nutritional Difference Between Unrefined and Refined Carbohydrates)


8. What’s cake without frosting?

– Of course, when making a vegan cake, it is not complete without the vegan frosting. While normal frosting is made out of butter etc, the vegan frosting uses tofu and vegetable oil or margarine.

A list of home bakers that will make delicious vegetarian cakes for you:

I hope that with this article you get to know more about what a vegetarian cake is. But if you still have any question or want to know more, leave a comment below, I’ll be happy to reply!


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