SS The People Who Ate HeaderThe People Who Ate is a home run baking business built entirely on the love of eating good cakes and sweets. These days, you get a lot of cakes that look fabulous, that blow you visually but tends to fall flat when it comes to taste. At The People Who Ate, taste is valued above everything else. And you will never go wrong. Their business philosophy is ‘a great taste for every occasion’.

At the helm of this philosophy is a young 32-year old who goes by the name of Terence Pragash. Growing up in his mother’s kitchen, he watched her turn out butter cakes, fruit cakes and cookies from the time he was a young boy. And that was the start of a life-long love affair with cakes. It’s like they say, when you’re in love, you want the best for the person you’re in love with. And that is the case here. He believes cakes (and all her sweet sisters), should be treated with respect and given the care they deserve and must be given the opportunity to shine on their own. Each cake is baked with tender loving care in his home kitchen, where his mom used to bake using all the secrets and skills she taught him.

Terence left the corporate world to pursue his dream of making cakes full time as he believes one cannot have too much of a sweet thing. A self-confessed sweet tooth addict, he spends hours researching and experimenting on new recipes and uses his friends and family as his benchmarks. If they don’t like it, then no one will. And that is how The People Who Ate came about. Thru the support of his loved ones. The business is named after them and the signature cakes are named after friends who inspired the cake.

At The People Who Ate, you can always find a cake that will satisfy your taste buds and keep you feeling warm and wrapped in sweet heaven.

Want to learn more about Terence and his baking business, check out The People Who Ate or follow him on Instagram & Twitter.

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