What is Clicks for Cakes?

Clicks for Cakes connects people who love to bake with those who love non-generic one of a kind delicious homemade desserts.

Through the Clicks for Cakes – Home Baker Portfolio, customers can conveniently browse through countless of home bakers’ profiles, read their stories and passions, check out their specialities and how to get in touch with them.

Founded in 2015 by two home baker enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, Clicks for Cakes began with a mission to match make dessert lovers with passionate home bakers simultaneously enhancing household incomes & forming like-minded supportive communities.

For Dessert Lovers (Customers)


Do I have to pay to use Clicks for Cakes?

No, Clicks for Cakes is a free service.


How do I book a cake?

Browse through the Home Baker Portfolio. Pick the home baker that you like. Contact them and eventually make an order.


How do I pay for the cake?

Payment is between you and the home baker. Please look through his or her’s “Additional Info” regarding payment information.

For Home Bakers


I’m an Home Baker, how do I join Clicks for Cakes?

You can subscribe from HERE.


What are the benefits of signing up?

• Promote your business

• Grow your profits

• Increase customers

• Be part of our friendly growing community

Read more benefits HERE.


Do you guarantee more sales?

No, we do not. What we offer is to help you build your online presence and gain more exposure to potential customers. You will be given the opportunity to promote your business through our social medias and website. We offer support and various services to help you improve your business and that will lead to more potential sales for you, but we cannot guarantee that you will have more sales from this.


Do I have to pay to sign up?

Yes, we charge a one-time membership fee of $30.00 (USD). This is our introductory price and the price will increase in the near future.


Do I have to pay sales commission or fees?

No, all sales are between you and your customers. Clicks for Cakes do not charge any fees or commission.


How can I edit my Home Baker Portfolio details?

You can email us at bakers@clicksforcakes.com regarding about changes and updating



Can I work with you?

For collaboration inquiries, get in touch with us using the contact form here.



I’d like to advertise on your site, what should I do?

Get in touch with us using the contact form here.

Didn’t see your question answered here?

Contact us at hello@clicksforcakes.com. We are happy to answer all your questions!