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  • What is a brand you ask? And why is it important? A brand is a name that we give to a product or a service. It is also a mark or a logo that your customer can identify and sets you apart from the other similar competitor. Every time they see your logo, they will be reminded of your delicious homemade cake business. Building a strong brand identity for your home baking business is one of the most important things that you have to do as soon as you start baking for your friends and family. Why? Because investing a bit of time to get your branding right the first time, is a whole lot easier and faster than to revamp your brand after a couple of month or years down the road. We know you are busy, and spending time on planning your branding might be the last thing you want to do… but we promise you this is all worth it, especially when you take over the world with your baking empire and your branding looks epically amazing... -

  • This mini-course is for home bakers that don’t have a business Facebook Page, have a partial set up Facebook Page, and for those that already have a working Facebook Page but want to improve and enhance the use of Facebook as a marketing tool for expanding their brand. The mini-course is divided into 3 sections: Create (build a new Page from scratch) Set up (setting up the new Page or an existing Page) Final steps (what to do after you have published your Page) -