I dread going to the baking supply shops. For multiple reasons.

Musing of a home baker - I dread going to the baking supply shops. For multiple reasons.

Musing of a home baker - I dread going to the baking supply shops. For multiple reasons.

First reason, parking. Almost all the baking supply shops are in places where parking is a nightmare! Especially the ones closest to my home. Ugh! What’s worst is when you find a parking spot, then you have to walk to find the damn parking metre which most of the time would be opposite of the store direction.

Second reason, space. Is it just me or do you feel totally cramped in all these stores? Most of the stores have shelves that are so close to each other that you need to look like freaking Kate Moss to be able to pass thru the aisles. And when the stores are crowded, it’ll be almost impossible to move around with everyone scrambling around you.

Third reason and this is probably my biggest issue with baking supply shops. The customers! I swear to you, some of the clowns that come here just boggles the mind. They push you, they nudge you. And most them can’t seem to control their damn baskets! Hands up how many of you have been hit by those shopping baskets?

Some of these shoppers would stand for hours in front of shelves/fridges trying to figure things out. Worst, those that meet their friends and then proceed to gossip about other people right there in front of the flour shelves. Seriously, get out of my way ladies!

And is it just me or do homebakers tend to avoid eye contact with each other? It’s like here we are in our fighting arena and you’re the enemy. You’re part of the reason why I’m not making as much money cos you’re talking my business you dirty donkey. Am I alone in feeling this? I mean, a little smile wouldn’t hurt. And I love how everyone checks each other’s basket out. “Ooooo she took the imported cocoa, should I take that too?”

It’s a circus. That’s for sure. But we all got to do what we have to do.

I always make sure I’ve eaten a nice meal before I venture out to the supply shops. Lord knows I do not want to face these morons on an empty stomach. Food gives me strength. Strength to restrain myself from slapping the living daylights out of some of these clowns.

Til then, have a great week everybody!

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