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  • Chinese New Year is just around the corner and some of you might have thought on getting a cake or two. The problem is, the standard cakes done by most bakery are either extremely expensive, boring or simply unimpressive. Well, worry no more as here are 6 home bakers that will blow you away with their amazing skills, passion and love for baking... -

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  • 12 Greatest Quotes Every Foodie And Dessert Lovers Should Live By You know you are the ultimate Dessert Lover when you are up to date on the openings of the latest bakeries around your neighborhood, you have a to-eat list on your phone of the hippest cafés around town, you have a personalized Interest List on Facebook named “Sweet list” and of course not forgetting your Facebook timeline filled with hundreds and thousands of cake photos... -

  • I dare you to go naked! On your birthday or even your wedding day! Oh no no, not you… but your cake! Naked cakes rose to fame back in 2013 but judging from all the hype it’s still gaining in Pinterest and Instagram, I don’t think the trend will go away anytime soon. One might assume that it takes fewer skills to bake a naked cake compared to its fondants and frosted sisters. The truth is preparing naked cakes takes a lot of skills and patience. First of all, you can’t hide any flaws, badly cut cakes, messy fillings with cement loads of frosting or fondant. Secondly, it has to not only look rustic, raw and beautiful, it has to taste absolutely divine too! Talking about divine tasting, what is adorned on the naked cake is important too. Naked cakes have an unpretentious and honest quality to it and it looks great with toppings that are more natural like fresh flowers, berries, nuts, chocolate, crumbs, fresh and seasonal fruits. Meanwhile, the flavours of the sponge cake are best kept natural just like the toppings – butter, vanilla, carrot, lemon, orange and any natural flavours works best. Like the saying goes, it’s what on the inside that counts! Nonetheless, if you are going to order your all exposed naked cake for that special occasion, just keep in mind a few simple things. You need to be aware of the environment where the cake is displayed. Not too sunny or hot or it will melt away faster than you can say "Olaf" - as much as I want to see a naked cake at an outdoor party (my dream party), the Malaysian weather doesn’t permit that especially with the crazy heat wave that we have been experiencing lately *sweats*… unless maybe having your garden party in somewhere cold like Janda Baik? And lastly, remember to serve it not more than 24 hours after it has been stacked! Are you ready for some beautiful inspirations? Here are 19 stunning naked cakes you want to say YES to... -

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For Home Bakers

  • I get asked a lot from my friends and family about making money from selling homemade cakes. They often tell me “Kim, I want to start a home bakery business, but I am very new to baking and I don’t know where to start?”, “I love to turn my hobby into a profitable business but I can only bake simple cakes, I can’t do fondant cakes, will people still buy from me?” and “I am a newbie and I feel absolutely terrified at all the other professional home bakers. I don’t know if I should continue with my dream of owning a cake business or not?”

  • Hello bakers! Today we’re going to learn how to build a DIY light tent, or a lightbox for product photography, for next to zero cost. This little studio-in-a-box doesn’t even need a flash to work its wonders. Any bright lamp, and even sunlight will do. This is basically a light tent, and it creates beautiful light by default. The secret is being able to have nice, soft, even light coming from either sides or the top – or any combination of the three. It is one of the most useful DIY gadgets you could make and, frankly, it’s very difficult to screw it up. What can you use it for? That’s pretty much up to you, and the use will only be limited by the size of the box you use. Use medium sized box to showcase cakes and other baked goodies, or create a bigger one for a more tiered confections. And when I say next to zero, I do mean next to zero, because you can probably build this mostly for free if you have a cardboard box, tracing paper or tissue paper and glue lying around in your living space. The only thing you’ll have to buy is a roll of paper or poster board or mahjong paper – that would make the total damage less than $2. Don’t blow the rent money, and let’s get started... -

  • Nowadays with smartphones and digital cameras, it is so easy to update your social media accounts. We are so busy posting up countless photos on Instagram and Facebook that we overlook the most important thing of all…..Good Quality Photographs my friends! You are not going to believe this, but bad photography can affect your business and sales brutally. And this is why… 1 – Onto the next in a heartbeat! First thing first, I know you are not a bad baker, in fact I know you are a remarkable baker or else you wouldn’t be reading this. But if your business is not picking up and you are not getting any new order-you might want to take a long and hard look at your photo album. Bad lighting and small blurry photos take away all the great attention from your beautiful cakes. Your customers are not going to browse through your page feed if the photos are not looking good, they will move onto the next baker in a heartbeat! Even if they do linger around, they are not seeing the great details in the fondant figurines, the amazing colours of your buttercream flowers and the clean and sharp edges of your cakes. What a pity! 2 - No one will pay premium prices for amateur looking cakes Passion and money keep the business running. You know it’s true and whoever tells you money is not important, they are lying.

  • To watermark, or not to watermark? That is the question. For those of you who don’t know, a watermark is any kind of personalised “mark” or “stamp” that you put on your photographs to let people know that that photo is yours. Watermarking among the photo community can often times be a dirty word. Assumptions are made about a watermarked photo and, subsequently, the photographer behind said photo. On top of that, sites and other bloggers might also be reluctant to feature or include photos that have been watermarked- overkill. These are the reasons why... -

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Brown Sugar

  • Musing of a home baker - So with Christmas and the year-end holidays around the corner, I’m guessing most of you would be up to your apron strings in orders. This year, I’ve decided that I will only do a maximum of five cakes for the last two weeks of December. I need my time off to enjoy and savour the holidays before 2017 rolls around.

  • Musing of a home baker - A few days ago, my 8 years old niece asked if I could bake cookies for her birthday to bring to school. Now, cookies are not my forte. Neither are cupcakes. Or muffins. I just cannot stand the repetitive process of it all. I'm very patient but not when it comes to this. I like to think of myself as a free soul and I cannot do the same thing repeatedly. I have the utmost respect for people who do. I don’t know how you do it but my hat's off to you.

  • Musing of a home baker - I dread going to the baking supply shops. For multiple reasons.

  • Have you ever had a dry spell? I'm speaking in terms of orders here. I recently went on two weeks without any orders. Can you imagine? The first few days, I was almost going mad. I started speaking to my oven. Me: You need to know, it’s not you. It’s me. I'm not getting orders so I can’t use you as often. Oven: … Me: Please don’t be cold to me. It's not my fault. Oven: … Then I thought, okay maybe this is a blessing. Let's give the kitchen a thorough cleaning. So I spent an entire day cleaning and reorganizing the entire kitchen. I found some stuff that I never knew I had... -

  • Musing of a home baker - Chicken poop. That's the name for this new client I have. Altho I'm not sure I can call her a "client" as she has yet to buy anything from me yet.

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