8 questions to ask your home baker Your perfect dream cake is only 8 questions away! Here are 8 must-ask questions for your home baker. Click through to read and download the free bonus checklist!
8 Questions To Ask

Buttercream or fondant? Chocolate or orange? Classic or modern? The choices are endless when it comes to custom-made cakes, it can be confusing and overwhelming. So to ensure you get the cake of your dreams… here are the 8 must-ask questions. (be sure to check out the bonus at the end of the post)


1 – What are your specialties?

Why you want to know: Some bakers are specialized in fondant while others in buttercream. Some do both. Some make vegetarian cakes and some alcoholic cakes. You might want a 3 tier Disney theme cake but if the baker of your choice is not a fan of fondant figurines, you might need to look for another baker ASAP.

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2 – Can I see your cake portfolio?

Why you want to know: Reliable bakers will have a good portfolio and testimonial from satisfied happy customers. Do check out their social media sites for feedbacks and ratings. If possible, ask for a sample of the cake you are ordering, especially if it’s a big project like a wedding cake or big birthday cake.

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3 – I got some ideas, can you incorporate them?

Why you want to know: Most bakers are very happy when you tell them exactly what you want, it makes their work easier. They are bakers, not mind readers. If you have a clear idea of what you like your dream cake to look like, sketch it down or include pictures that have inspired you.

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4 – How far in advance will my cake be prepared?

Why you want to know: Some reputable bakers have a long list of clients especially during the wedding or festive season. Don’t be shocked if your cake was made few days in advanced. It shouldn’t affect the taste and the quality but, of course, the fresher the cake, the better.

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5 – How are your cakes priced?

Why you want to know: It’s common for the cakes to be priced by the size, the complexity of the design and premium ingredients used.If you have a budget, talk to your baker and work something out together before placing the order.

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6 – How much is the deposit and when do I have to make the final payment?

Why you want to know: Most of the bakers will not start on a project until the deposit or final payments are made. Some will not even schedule you in their work diary, so don’t assume you have the spot just because you have emailed the baker your confirmation date. Check with the baker if they require other payment details and etc.

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7 – What is the delivery process?

Why you want to know: This will depend on the size of your cake, the location of your venue and if the cake needs extra assembling and finishing touches at the venue.

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8 – If I have guests with allergies, what are my options?

Why you want to know: If your guests have special foods need or allergies make sure your baker can cater to your needs.

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And those are the 8 questions every dessert lovers should ask their home bakers before making orders. What do you think? What are you must-ask questions? Did I miss out anything? Let us know by commenting below!

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